Monday, November 16, 2009

Patterns for sale

I love the creative work making patterns for sale.  Unfortunately I have only Norwegian text so far.  Click on the MY PATTERN button on right hand side to see more of my pattern.

Just a little peek:

This is a perfect pattern for long or short tabelrunner.

 Festremse og løper lite

In Norway we don’t make the hole in the middle for the Christmas Tree Skirt.  That way you can also use the Tree skirt for a tablecloth, if desired.

Juletreteppe lite

I have made a nice Power Point presentation, but how do I upload it to my blog?  I had hope for a slide show of my pattern in the sidebar.  Also I want to make a step by step free pattern by using Power Point slide show so I would really appreciate advice.

Hugs from Nancy

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Outside the ground is white with snow and the flu has entered the house. DH and DS2 are down with the flu. Tami flu was purchased yesterday and the pharmacist recommended me taking the medication to prevent getting sick. Ok. I hope medicine and TLC makes us all a lot happier next week.

Hugs from Nancy

Friday, November 6, 2009

Zappa report

This is a little report on how Zappa is doing.

He is such a cute little thing, following me around the house.  When I want to sew he follows me to my sewing room and makes a mess of the waist basket and my scrap bag.  Here he is watching over mamas toy, the sewingmachine.

Garding mamas toy

Gizmo is very friendly with Zappa, but Zappa is such a naughty little kid.  He hardly ever leaves Gizmo alone and wants to play all the time.  This photo have “What’s in your bowl?” written all over!

What is it you have in your bowl  

Zappa is playing all the time.  Oh, boy!  Don’t play with fire!

Oh no, dont play with fire

Come on Gizmo, play with me, please!

Play with me

Well, sometimes he get tired from playing.  I know several others that loves to snuggle around nice curvy boobs :-)

DIL and Zappa

Yes, Zappa fell asleep inside DIL’s sweetshirt.


So cute!

Hugs from Nancy

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Stitchers Angel

Yesterday this box arrived from Belgium.  Thank your so much Evelyne.

A box in the mail

Inside was all this wrapped gifts and a lovely card.

look inside

Unwrapping gifts is so much fun.  Inside was this beautiful needle keeper with my name on, a matching pincushion and a scissor fob attach to scissors, a roll of blue fabrics and lots of delicious tea bags.

stitchers angel gift  

Thank you, thank you, thank you Evelyne.

Hugs from Nancy