Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flowers from my garden

Today I have spent the entire day working in the garden. DH has been working the chain saw cutting away unwanted bushes. Still some flowers blooming and I picked this bouquet.


If I lived closer to my friend May-Britt I would give it to her. She is going through some sad times as her mother passed away on Monday.

Hugs from Nancy

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday chat

Okay, new laptop and new ways of doing things. The method of uploading photos from camera to laptop has previous been by memory card. But do you know what? My new laptop does not have a slot for memory cards! I know my camera came with a variety of cords, but where did I put them? I know where I normally would put extras like that, but after remodeling the living room last fall I had found a new home for that mess in that particular drawer. I did put all that mess in a box, but where did I put that box?

Yes, I found it! In the attic… Very handy place to put it! I also found the correct cord and can upload photos now “smile”.

First photo is a Christmas project. This is a new pattern coming very soon. Sorry only Norwegian text.


Yesterday I did something I never done before but always wanted to try. Dipping candles. I did not have a proper tall dipping cylinder, only a tall preserve tin. It worked fine but the candles could have been taller in my own opinion. I am very pleased with my work.

sjølstøpte lys

Wish you all a happy weekend.

Hugs from Nancy