Saturday, May 24, 2008


I just discoverd that May Britt have granted me an award!! Thank you so much. I need to think about to whom I'm passing this award on to.

May Britt is such a good friend to me and got me going in blogger-land. She is a great inspration too, in many ways. Can I give the award back to her?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


She did it again! May Britt got me going on new projects. She sent me the link for Lynette Anderssons BOM Noas Ark. Very small and cute stitcheryblocks perfect for scrap strips. I have used strips 1 1/4 inch wide because that's what was in the scrap box. In the end I will square up to fit the assembling instruction.

May Britt also fell in love with this little framed quilt at My Yellow Farmhouse. I made an EQ5 pattern for her and she shared some of her Civil War fabrics with me. Do you get the point? Of cause she wantet me to make the quilt too! I desided to do 3 by 3 8 inch Stars rather than 2 by 3. I want my quilt to be a table cloth - I think.

Just last round to go.

Take care. Nancy

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OC part 3 and 4

OK, time to get back to OC mystery quilt. I have used from my scrap bin for all the parts so far. Also for part 3 below.

Starting on part 4 I realized I needed alot of same fabric to kind of keep it together. For this part I had to go to my stash.

My version of OC does not look like Orange Crush. More like Rasberry and Blueberry Crush with multicolourd topping!

Hugs from Nancy

Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring or summer ?

Is it already May 12 and 12 days since my last post! Well, I have been buzy - enjoying sunshine and nice temperature at my terrace. I have stayed outside almost all day doing work in the garden and relaxing in the sun. Well, one day my arms got a bit red (sunburned) so I had to stay out of the sun. That day I made three pillows for the "redwine cozy corner" at the terrace.

The pillows are made from old blue jeans. I'm very pleased with the result. I have a hole bunch of old blue jeans stached in the attic. I might make a quilt to go with the pillows outside.

Of couse DH had to try out if my special corner was funcional. Hi hi hi. Don't you think he seem quit happy with my work?

I, on the other hand, have not been very pleased with Gizmo! He is leaving all his fuhr in the sofa!! This spring he is shedding fuhr like never before. I desided to use some of my medium scrap strips of 1 1/2 inch to make a quilt for him. The Gizmo Quilt turned out nice.

As you can see below, Gizmo took the point!

The wind is blowing quit cold and heavy today. I desided it was time for a new day of sewing inside. I'm done with part 3 of Orange Crush. Today I have started on part 4.

Hugs from Nancy

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ta ta ta ta (drumroll) And the winners are......

Sorry I'm late. Some unexpeted visitors came to our hourse. But now I ready and as you can see so is Gizmo inspecting the bowl of tags.

DH did the drawing........

and the winners are:

Laila at Jacobs Quilt

Dagmar at Quiltmoose

Gail at Quit Quilted


Now you all need to send me your snail mail address to receive your prize.

Give Away and Thimbles

OK, times out!

Marita made it in time. So did Hanne. I have been to Hannes house and know she have a pritty good collection. Smile. Beth at Highland Hen also bearly made it for the drawing showing her one thimble. That is enough to be in the drawing. Smile.

This makes 17 participants in the drawing. Now I need some sleep. Tomorrow noon will be the special drawing supervised by DH and Gizmo the cat. Make your prayers.

To make you in that thimble mood I'll show you some more pieces from my collection.
This is a real piece of art! One truely handmade thimble in some kind of metal (not silver, more steal) with half siccors decoration. This one I bougth in a sunday market in front of the Odense cathedral back in year 2000.
Below is another "unknown type of metal" with a greek ribbon. I have no knowledge of this metal. Its aubergine colored and not silver. The greek band is in goldlike metal.

See you for the big drawing tomorrow!
Good night from Nancy