Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympics and Cinnemon rolls


Inspired by Anne-Grethe I made Olympic cinnemon rolls today. However, mine does not look as good as Anne-Grethe’s. The taste is delicious so nothing wrong with the taste. DH love both the Olympic Games and Cinnamon rolls.

OL snurrer

Focus this week:

- Main focus will be texting a new pattern. I need to have it done by this weekend.

- I also work on appliqué kitchen curtains to match table runner from previous post.

- Some Redwork stitchery to match finished framed redwork stitchery.  I ran out of DMC 498 so I started a new stitchery today. Something I have drawn for a new pattern.

Hugs from Nancy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow snow and a bit more snow

I can tell you, we sure have some snowy days where I live.  If you look closely past the rare end of the car and the pile of snow you might find our front door.


Our living room windows almost covered with snow.

Vinter og snø

View from kitchen window to next door neighbor.  Hi hi hi yes under all that snow there is a house.  From our side only the chimney can be spotted.

Mot Preben

This photo is taken from my front door.  Yes, ne of our cars is under the snow.

Mot Sigmund

I’ve had it with all this snow.  Give me springtime with flowers and sun!!

Hugs from Nancy

Monday, February 15, 2010

Focus this week

I am working on same projects as last week.

Lappemor was my guardian Angel past week and came up with the brown fabric I needed to complete the tabel runner in my previous week post. Hmmm, same fabrics and design would look great as a curtain for my kitchen window…….. Now I have fabric enough to make it :-)

Fabric needed

My BOM pattern project is a lot of work. Not the actual making of the quilt, but the double checking of pattern and text before publishing. I am trying to make this in to a 10 part project including a good fabric & cutting plan for the shops that wants to sell my BOM. The thing is that I have been working on this project for so long that the fabrics are not ”new” any more. What kind of experience do you BOM designers and BOM buyers have? Do you like the pattern and make your own fabric choices or is it those exact fabrics that make the project? I would love some advice from YOU!


The Olympic Games are on and as a true winter sport nation the inhabitants in our house follow it all on TV. It’s a kind of good/ bad situation. DH took a fall on ice a couple of weeks ago. The result was two fractured ribs in his back. He had just recovered from the staircase fall in June with three rib fractures. OK not same side but still... He spends nights and days in”the good chair” in front of TV. I really don’t know if it’s all due to back pain and problem to lay down and get up of bed, or the convenience of being able to watch the Winter Olympics. I know he is hurting. I have suffered from rib fractures my self so I know the drill: You better not laugh, sneeze or do quick moves.

Ï had great hopes for this challenge about weekly focus. Now I have to admit I am such a sucker at it! I have to admit that I kind of ”took a step aside” on Sunday, again.

A pattern for a wool fleece dress caught my attention at my local store. I bought the pattern and wool fleece to go with it. Saturday I cut out the peaces for the dress and got some leftovers. I know I have a heart for scrap quilts, but now I wonder if it is the leftover bug that triggers me. Anyway, I had this nice wool fleece leftovers and they had to be put to good use. I collect Teddy Bears but have yet to make one my self, until Sunday. I browsed Google and found a pattern for a Teddy Bear and off I went. I enjoyed making my first Teddy Bear so much that I have to do it again. Sunday was Valentines Day as well as Mothers Day here in Norway. DH surprised me with lovely chocolates. My cute Teddy Bear has not been named yet, but he looks right on in my collectors’ corner.

Valentinehearts and Teddy

Valentino is just the right name!!

Hugs from Nancy

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am like a questionmark....

I wonder if cats reads blogs. Yes, I do! In that case I think Zappa have read Timbleannas blog and been inspired. The young one learn so easy!!

Funny those cats. Here they are relaxing in the sun on top of the outdoor pillow chest.

And than inside. I can see what's going on :-) Zappa is saying: You need grooming! You smell like sweaty shooes!!

Sunday greating from me.

Hugs from Nancy

Monday, February 8, 2010

More finished projects and this weeks focus

Last nights post got to be a long one, even if I did not post photos of all my complete projects.

Just to fill you in, here are some photos.

My Friendship Greetings quilt

Friendship Greetings

Zappa’s funny little Mouse quilt

Zappa's Mouce quilt 

The Star Struck scrap quilt

Star struck scrapquilt and pillow 

This week I have decided to focus on one stitchery project that I have been working on for a looooooong time.


I also started making a tabel runner with appliqués to match a tabelcloth I made featured in Quiltemagasinet 01/10. You can have a peek here.

Fokusprosjekt 3

And, just in case I happens to finish stitching by hand, I have this six darling hearts ready.  Valentine freebie from Stina.

   Fokusprosjekt 2

Stay focused and enjoy every stitch.

Hugs from Nancy

Update on a great week

This week end is just the top of a great working week. I feel like I have been working so well. I have managed to focus on the Challenge Focus project. In addition I have squeezed bindings and such in between.

My first focus was to finish the redwork projects form Leannes House. Now it’s done. Framed an all ready to be hanged on the staircase wall.

3 framed redwork

The second focus project was the Rosalie Friendship stitcheries. I had finished the stitchery several months ago. I wanted to make the stitchery into a wall hanging for the entrance. I worked my butt off to put stone tiles on the floor in time for Christmas. Yes, I did it my self (with expert advice by phone from Thor, my mom’s handyman) It was too hard work for me I have to admit, I was too ambitious. I’ll never do it again. Anyway, the tiles are done and look good.  Gizmo watched over me doing the work.  Or may be he slept over me doing the work hi hi.

Gizmo passer på

Rosalie Friendship quilt will look equally good on the wall on top of DH’s inherited chest.  I have no photo yet, but if you peek in next week……..

My cats is just so in to my sewing and my every day life.  What is a bit off in this picture?? 


This box should be filled with logs for the fireplace………

And what happens when it’s getting close to bed time……..



I got two quilts back from my local long arm quilter last week. That means 16 – 17 meters of binding to do. I like to do my bindings sewn on from front side and then the finishing touch by hand on the back side. I know, it’s a lot of handstitching, but I find it satisfying to do it this way. I put my pried in the finishing touches in my work.

Log cabin quilt


Beside from the binding – that is quit boring to do – but kind of get done during a Saturday/Sunday movie on TV – some more stitching is done.

Zappa, my black cat needed a personal quilt. All cats in my house need to have one.  I finished Zappa’s quilt this weekend. I made it from leftovers from the boy’s quilt in previous post. I used leftover batting too. The quilting was very fun to do. Figured that Zappa – the crazy black cat – needed Mice and Loops as a perfect quilt pattern. However, I don’t think my quilting is good enough for a close examination. I had fun making this quilt and that is good enough for me.  I’ll get some nice photos tomorrow.

Total work in my favorite room past week is very satisfying. I feel just on top of it and am so ready for next week.

Hugs from Nancy