Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is a downer......

At this time I should have been on the bus to Elverum. The plan was a wonderfull week end with May Britt and Hanne in Elverum and to attend classes with Leannes House in Trysil tomorrow. Unfortunatly I got sick and can not go. Instead I'm tucked in a quilt on my sofa watching old movies and feeling sorry for my self. I need to go to the doctor today.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My mom is also a quilter

My mom is also a quilter. I had promished her earlier this year to acompany her on having a salesbooth at a local autumn marked in her region of living. She lives abourt 3 1/2 hours drive from where I live. We got this thiny boot and it got really filled up. It was a lot of visiters at the marked. A lot of work but also a lot of fun! It's my mom in the picture.

I made this bees for the sales booth, but brought them home again. In the area where my mom live its mostly farms with sheep, cows and bigs. The guest towles that I made (and showed in an earlier post) made a good sale.

Gift from a blogger

Look what I received last week in an soft envelope from Linda, the Aussie living in US.
Isn't it beautifull? I am going to use it for my stitchery threads. I simply love it.

Thank you so much, Linda.

I'm back!

Hi to all off you reading my blog.

I am so happy about all of you finding and reading my blog. I have been busy, but did not realize that it is more than a month since my last note! I apologize to all of you that have visited and not finding new posts. Also apologize for not leaving coments in blogs I have visited last month. I find myself in a spot I really don't want to bee in. That is not having time to do things I love - like sewing, spend time with friends, reading and leave notes to bloggers I visit. My energy is very low this fall. Started a new part time job in june but it does not work as good as I hoped to. I'm too tiered as it is now. Need to get my act together and do some changes.

Ok, that was todays confession and compalints.