Friday, January 29, 2010

OPAM update

No sewing this week, as you probably know from latest posts. My fingers are itching to get going again next week. However, I did finish the scissor keeper last week as planned. Now it looks like this.

Siccor keeper

This is a class project I worked on and finished first days of January. It is a “Beauty Bag” with one front pocket and several pockets inside to fit all those beauty products that come in big bottles. It also fits your extra make up bag, medicines and a few other things that grown up girls needs. I give classes in March at my local Quilt shop, Meretes Ateliér.

Nancys toalettveske

Have a nice week end. Enjoy photos of Gizmo and Zappa’s best moments.

Catlove 5 Catlove Catlove 2 Catlove 3 Catlove 4

I have always been curious how cats can sleep in such awkward positions.

sleeping time 2 Sleeping time

Hugs from Nancy

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No sewing

This week is not my best. I can not sew. Need to relax my right arm and shoulder. I watch movies, DVD's with gardening plans, study quiltbooks and magazines. Still it's not as much fun as working my sewingmachine. Handpiecing, stitching, knitting or crochet ist not allowed. I really should not type or write either. I hope to be ready to get back on track next week. This is boring!

Hugs from Nancy

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Seriously, today I thought my shoulder was dislocated. I could not straighten my self up properly. My shoulder was kind of hanging forward and it hearted bad. Managed to get out of bed, but not dress. I’ve been sitting in my pajamas all day with a hot pad on, popping pain killers. I felt that the heat made the shoulder feel better so with several hours with hot treatment, I can manage. DH had to help med wash and dress when he returned from work. I still can not lift my arm. Think it have it must have been some strained mussels or similar. The heat made wonders.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Confession time. I did not keep focus on the planned projects. Started off very good by finishing the Girls Quilt and the redwork stitchery. But than I fell of the wagon.

Girls Quilt 2

I had this scrappy top for a boy quilt hanging. So I decided to quilt it since I had the quilting movements in my head. I’m off to Ikea tomorrow to buy frames for the redwork stitcheries and some other stuff.

Boys Quilt

Enjoy your week end. I look forward to mine. It’s allways nice to visit The big Apple – Oslo.

Hugs from Nancy

Monday, January 11, 2010

OPAM and Week 2 focus

This is my first finish in year 2010. I received a kit for this table runner in the Advent calendar from my mom. Precut pieses several December days and the pattern at Christmas Eve. The design i made by Merete and was 2009 Christmas mystery at Quilt-Design's webpage.

I have been good and kept focus! However, I have not completed last week's focus projects. I have just a few stitches left on the redwork. I need to buy frames to complete my Trilogy of framed redwork designed by Leanne Beasley.

The girls quilt is alomst done. A few quilting stitches left at the border and than binding. I'm comfident I will complete both projects this week.

Just to be sure I am ready for more stitching, I have already made plans for my next focus.

Anyone recognize this little scissor keeper? Well it needs to be sewn together. This will be my next hand stitch focus :-)

The Machine sewing project will be sewing toghether this quilt made from one of Rosalie Quinlan Designs. I have already done the stitchery. No I need to sew it all togehter, quilt and bind it. I have decided to use this collection of fabrics.

This evening I have several hours available for sewing. DH is going out for dinner so I'll just wipe up somthing really quick. I'll rather bee quilting than cooking :-)

Hugs from Nancy

Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly focus on project

I visited May Britt’s blog and discovered her new challenge. Her challenge is to plan on Mondays every week what project to focus on. It looks like a very good idea for me too. Looking back I realize that I am working on too many projects at the time. I’m simply wasting a lot of good stitching time by doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that almost daily. I definitely need to be more effective in my work.  

So, this is the projects I will focus on this week. In my sewing room I have a girls quilt on my worktable. The top is done, but I need to do some appliqué on the top border.

Girls quilt

As a handy work in front of the TV I have this little redwork project going on. I hope to finish it this week.

Two brown chickens

Hugs from Nancy

O.P.A.M. 2009 and plans for 2010

I’m so proud that I finished at least 38 projects in 2009. Some of the projects I’ve finished is not on the list. Pattern you see! Have to keep them a secret a little while longer.

Thank you so much Kris and May Britt for pushing me to finish projects.

Kris is continuing the OPAM challenge for 2010 as well, but with new rules. I’ll look in to it when the rules are posted.

I hope for a new year with love, joy and a lot of quality time in my sewing room. I wish the same for all of you who care to read my blog. It is very nice when you leave a comment.

Hugs from Nancy