Friday, August 28, 2009

New pattern

It's finished!! This is my new pattern.

This is also my finished OPAM project for August. I have finished the model for another pattern, but I can not show you anything yet. Need to do some snapshots first. May be later this weekend.
Have a sew sew weekend ;-)
Hugs from Nancy

Thursday, August 27, 2009


LeKaQuilt is having a giveaway.

Hugs from Nancy

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sneek peek

As promised a sneek peek on my latest work. Blue Java is my latest pattern. Not all finished yet (as you can se, the buttons are not sewn yet.)

Last night DH and I had a three course dinner at home. Normaly DH cook weekends, but due to poor mobility I had to cook this weekend. I'm so spoiled that I have not cooked weekends in 15+ years! I did not make the intire three course. DS2 brought dessert from our local gourmet resturant where he works. Panna cotta with berries in season. Delicious! DH is allways giving Gizmo treats. He loved Panna cotta as you see :-)

Today I have been walking the woods picking more mushrooms. You know, this is the season :-)

Hugs from Nancy

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is my favorite season

When I say this is my favorite season I mean it.  Walking in the woods picking different kinds of mushrooms and berries is my favorite time outside the house.    Iv’e had a few trips to my favorite woods, but liveing where I do, it’s still dry and early season.

This is the seson

I guess autumn is my favorite season.  The air is clear due to regular rainshowers, still temperature is agreeable.  This is the view from our terrasse.  The ocean you see is Skagerak.  Next mainland is Denmark, about 80 nautical miles.


Next photo is a zoom in just to show you a bit of our  fantactic islands and reefs.  Now midt August most of the tourists have left and we reulare habitants can have som peace and quiet :-)


Playing nurse I get a lot of time to stitch.  I need to bee available when DH need to raise or sit, need something to thrink or eat.  Too much calling and shouting  if I  lock myself in my sewingroom……..

Anyway, I stitch.  I have finished this Leannas House stitchery.

  Leannas House 1

And have started this one from Homespun Magazine.  I miss the one with the chickens inbetween.  I have the pattern so it will be my next project.

Leannas House 3

I am working on my new pattern projects too, but this week have not brought me as close to finish as I wanted.  

I promice a little peek this weekend.

See you soon.

Hugs from Nancy

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fast forward week

Past week have been full of surprices. My SIL and kids came to stay for a few days. I enjoyed it very much because they live far up north and I don't get to see the kids often. They are 12, 10 and 2. The 2 year old is such a sweetepie. She helped me rearrange my embroderyfloss and loved playing in my sewingroom. Her favorite was a glass of big buttons and a box of stuffed hearts. I made gymbags with name and photos on for the big kids. I forgot to take photos, but hope to get one later.

This week I get to play nurse. DH took a fall in the garden steps, playing with Gizmo. Result: three rib fractures. He does not move too fast around the house ;-). Poor thing. No golf upcomming weekend that's for sure.
My plan for this week is sew sew sew!
Stay tuned to have a peek later this week.
Hugs from Nancy

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Phu, I made it!!

Yesterday I kind of snapped out of vacation mode and realized that I had not finished a single project for July in the one project a month challange. But have I started many new once :-)

I hurried to my sewing room and dived in my Orphan box. I found this stitchery angel block.

Orphan block

I decided to make a note book cover. It’s a quick and easy project :-)


I made it just in time !!

This week I have done one big rearranging job!! No, not in my sewing room, but in my collection of DMC embroidery threads. I kept them all in plastic bags in a total mess. If you wonder how I managed to find the colour I needed, I didn’t! I think this will work a lot better. All the different threads winde up on paper spools and displayed in a box. Looks very tidy, don't you think.? :-)

Orden i sysakene

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs from Nancy