Tuesday, February 21, 2012


A week by the loom is over. Now I need to rest a bit. My arms, shoulders and butt are sore. I made several rugs out of old blue jeans.


One rug for my Easter decorated kitchen.


I also made one rug to put in front of the veranda door. This rug had to go with my brown leather sofas and the big rug under the sofa table.

brun og beige

Hugs from Nancy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 7 2012

I have given classes in Egersund this weekend. We had some fun days playing with scraps. The Egersund group was great. Thank you for having me. Some snapshots from the weekend.




I also got to attend their regular quilt meeting on Monday. I stay at my mom’s this week playing with another kind of scraps – weaving. My mom owns a loom so I combine visiting and borrowing her loom about twice a year. Ok, I do visit her other than that, but the weaving thing I do once or twice a year. This time I am doing rugs out of blue jeans. I used my June Taylor Shape Cut ruler to cut strips from blue jeans. It is a dusty mess, but fun. The cutting was done last summer outdoors.

Sneak peeks to come.

Hugs from Nancy