Friday, March 28, 2008


I have a confession to make... I have been bad... I have been shopping at some quiltshops on internet. But hey, it was so much fun - SMILE. The excange rate on USdollars is absolutly in my favor. I am waiting for a few more fat envelopes with fabrics and some bookcases from Amazon.

This is my catch so far. I allways wash all my fabrics before use. I have spent last couple of days washing and ironing. Now they are all ready to be used.
As you can see I have bought some yards of black and natural plain fabric. I'm planning to do a dive into my scrap bin(s) :-)

I still have not got the car on the road - to much snow and ice. As you can see I have a lot of fun stuff to do at home anyway :-)

Hugs from Nancy

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do not touch!

Easter holidays was mostly used to get on track with all incomming payments from participants for Norwegian Quiltassociation annual meeting and celebrating of 20th anniversary. No sewingtime. You probably know how it is when you don't get any time to sew, abstinence syndrome... Well, the only medicine working is to dive in to that pile of fabric and start a project! Norwegian Quiltassociation wanted small quilts saying : "Do not touch" as an anniversary gift from members. This is my gift.

It is still snowing a bit. I'm stuck in the house. DH left for Singapore yesterday. He prepared the car for summer before leaving! Who stupid was that! Now I can not use the car. To much snow in the roads, and I can not get out of the carport. I'm not up to manual labor removing snow! I really don't have to get out of the house untill friday - smile. Hopefully the sun have taken care of most of the snow by than.

Hugs from Nancy

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where did the Spring go??

Spring is an unpredictable season! Just look what happend where I live. Wednesday a friend of mine and I had coffee and chat in the bench in the "sunny spot". The wether was sunny and warm. Next day it started to snow and the wind was blowing heavy. Just like a snowstorm. It kept on for two days and yesterday the sun came through again, and the landscape dressed for winter. Brrr, I want the warm wether back!

This is my beautifull pine three. A few days ago it looked like this.

Ok. I bether put some logs in the fireplace and have a warm cup og coffee ..... and some chocolate.

Hugs from Nancy

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sewing toot class

Hi again

This is the lovely group of sewers from my class in Lørenskog some weeks ago. I had a good time staying at Hanne's. Her project is completed. You can see it here.

After Lørenskog I had a few days at home befor going to MIL. She is not well and live so far away. Went to Northern part of Norway by plane and stayed for a week. Also visited SIL, about one hour by bus from where MIL lives. The wether was beautifull. Just look at the photo! The photo is taken from Senja across Gisundet. For those who do not know, this is abow the Artic Circle.

Norway is a long country and returning to Grimstad the whether was beautifull in this part too. A phenomenon that is rare. But as you can see, still winter on Senja but no snow and absolutly spring in Grimstad. Just as the callender indicates :-). The photo is from my garden. This beautifull pine three is growing tall and strong and have become a symbol in my life.

Take care. Hugs from Nancy

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hi again.

Time flies. I have been at my MIL. She is not well. Had her 90th birthday in Januray. Since then she have suffered from apoplexia cerebri due to low blood presure. Her heart is tickin' unregularly. She is old and understandly she is afraied to stay alone. DH does not have a big family and all live within 0 - 10 hours distance, depending of metode of traveling. Not ideal in this situation. I'm not "on top of the line" my self, but manageing.

On my travel back to Grimstad I'm staying at a hotel to be ready for a new board meeting for NQF - Norwegian Quilting Assosiation. This is our last meeting to arrange our annual big meeting with classes, lectures, shops etc. Big event - and eaven bigger than expected. I'm working tonight :-)

Hugs from Nancy