Friday, January 25, 2008


I have desided to pass the You make my Day Award on to Hanne . She is a great inspirator!

Award and WISP progress

Last 10 days have been really buzy. No time for blogging. Reading nice coments at my blog I discovered this Award from Linnea at Under plarstjärnan (Sweedish blog). Thank you ever so much, Linnea.

Even as tired and warn out I have been, I have squeesed some sewingtime in. I have finished one more project for May Britts challange. Quilting and binding on 4 placemats.

And started work on another UFO. This are some scrap blocks in the maner of quilt-as-you-go. I have quilted my blocks on my Viking Husqvarna embroiderymachine and used a disk with block quilting patterns. Now I have to bind it all together.

I had a trip to the doctor on wednesday. Did not turn out all in my favor.... My fellow workers in the Norwegian Quilt Association sent me this beautifull flower arrangement to cheer me up. You are such good girls!

Okey, time for bed. Nighty nighty from me.

Love from Nancy

Thursday, January 10, 2008

# 3 done!!

I'm getting closer to winning the WISP challange hi hi hi.

One more UFO completed. The binding is on. I am still working on the placemats.

Monday, January 7, 2008

More WISP's

Looking through my secret pile of UFO's sure gave me something to think about. I need more than one month to finish all my UFO's!

I found 7 tops to be quilted! 3 of them are RR from 2006. In addition one scrap quilttop that just need borders and than is ready to be quilted. Also found ready made blocks from international block swaps - enough for 4 - 5 quilttops. One box with hand appliqued blocks ment to be a dobble bedspread. Another box with scrapblocks for a lapquilt. 4 placemats to be quilted and binded, one lapquilt only missing binding. So far 17 - 18 projects that need to be completed, not counting projects presented allready..... For me January don't have enough days to finish it all.

This weekend i put together this top. The fabric pieces are from my advent calender. My mom have made a simular quilttop. Have a look at her blog (unfortunatly she only writes in Norwegian). This is one of the quilts that need to be quilted and binded, hopefully in January.

Same goes for this Eye-Spy quilt. I cleaned out all pieces of bright colored children fabric when moving sewingroom some months ago. The top is done but now I need to quilt and binde.

I have desided not to get worked up by descovering that my WISP-list is pritty long! I'll continue slow and easy with quilting and binding this 4 placemats :-)

Than continue with binding this quilted lap quilt made from my 1 1/2 inch scraps. In addition I'm working on patterns to be published in Norway.

Love from Nancy

Saturday, January 5, 2008

WISP progress

The binding is compledet on my Christmas table cloth. It sure looks nicer with the binding on!

I have so many unfinished projects....... This is one part of a project in our local quiltgroup.

This is the 3 other parts. I have not put the stitcherydrawing on yet. Also have to wait for the batting to arrive. I got hold of the right brand at a quiltstore in Ålesund.

This is one of the projeckt I hope to finish i January.

Love from Nancy

Winter in my area

Just have to show you some wether pictures. Normaly we get some snow in time for Christmas. This winter we did not. But boy did the wether turn yesterday. All this snow fell yesterday and last night. And it's still snowing! This is what my bedroom window looked like this morning. Our bedroom is on 2nd floor.

Our kind neighbour have already paid a visit with his snowrotarycutter (or is it rotary snowcutter. What ever, the name is a bit funny relating to my line of interes :-) !)

This is what I see looking through my sewingroom window.

Well, this is an excelent opertunity to stay inside and sew all day :-)

Love from Nancy

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm done!

First WISP is finished. The red and gold tablerunner/ centerpiece is quilted with gold thread and binded. It is 2,4 meter long ( ca. 94 "). This WISP challange is an excelent challange to get my butt moving and get some serious stitching done! Thank you, May-Britt!

This is my lovely Christmas tablecloth. Nobody noticed that it had no binding, Hi hi. Today I have put the binding on and make the handstitching to the back a "in front of TV" project. About 8 meters (315 ") around.

I will start working on next project tomorrow. Remember this quilttop? I have decided to put borders on to make a double bedspred. I have bought the fabric. Can I finish it all in January? Visit me and have a look how it works out.

Love from Nancy

I need help!

I have serched, I have called and asked on my Norwegian list, but this batting is nowhere to find in Norway. Where did I buy it? Well, if I remembered mystery would be solved. I can not remember!! My brain must be lined with non stick lining....... I need this batting to complete one of my WISP's.....

So, can anybody of you reading my blog might help. I need one square about 50". I will show my appriciation in (almost) any way you want.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

WISP - first project in January challange

I better get started right away!! This is a long tablerunner for my dinning table. It need to be quilted with gold thread and binded. The gold thread can be a challange. Wish me luck!