Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cuddely Cat

Gizmo is a very cuddely cat.  As you can see he and May Britt got along very well.

May Britt cuddeling with Gizmo  more more Oh this is soo good

He is so spoiled! 

Outdoor he has a favorit spot.  He loves to spend time on top op the box we keep pillows and stuff for outdoor use.  Not just on top of the box, but on top of a pile of pillows.

Gizmos favorit spot

He is moms Prince. :-)

Last week the wether was kind of nice but we had some heavy local rain shower.  Can you see how the raindrops just jump several inches up after hitting the deck?


This is the kind of wether Gizmo does not like.  Lucky mom has the right tool to get him dry.

 Make me dry more dry oh its so good to be dry

He just love this!

Greatings from Gizmo.

Hugs from Nancy

I did it!!

Yes, I finished my first block from A Tiskit A Tasket BOM from Bunny Hill. May Britt showed me how to do needle turn applique by useing Roxanna glue.

It was fun. But, as you understand, I have some catching up to do since block seven is already out.

Take care.

Hugs from Nancy

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shop hop with May Britt

Yesterday May Britt went back to Elverum.  We had a great time!  Offcause we had a Shop hop to quilt shops in my area.  First we went to Meretes Ateliér, my local quilt shop.  Then we went to Lydia in Vennesla.

This is May Britt and Lillian.  Lillian is the shop owner.

 Lydias Quiltshop

This is a really nice shop and I left with a bag full of goodies.

Innkjøp Lydia

Next shop to visit was Kreativ Quilt in Kristiansand.  This is a great shop too.  This is Lise and me.  Lise is one of the shop owners.


I did not leave empty handed from this shop neither.  In addition Lise had some great tips about shopping clothes….

Innkjøp Kreativ Quilt 

We also went to Arendal where we visited QuilTe’n.  I did not bring my camera, but I’m sure May Britt will post photos from the shop.  This is what I brought home from QuilTe’n.

fabrics from QuilTe'n

At the time I’m collecting different Japanese fabric from Lecien line to make a Queen size bed quilt.

We also visited another shop in Arendal selling quiltfabrics, Sybutikken.  There I found some excellent neutral fabrics for backgrounds.

soft coloured background fabrics

As you can see, we had a great time shopping more than fabrics. 

Take care.

Hugs from Nancy

Monday, July 27, 2009

Stittchers' Angel 2009

Helen is organizing Stitchers' Angel swap. I have signed up. I did not participate in last years swap, but enjoyd the free patterns. Great inspiration.

Hugs from Nancy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Giveaway winners!

Ta ta ta da da!! Drum roll. And the winners are:

Anna said...
Grattis till två år med blogg! Vilka underbara grejer du gör!
July 10, 2009 1:55 PM

Congratulation Anna! You won this napkinbox, a triangular jewelry pouch and a Tilda stitchery.

Next lucy winner:

Handmade by Mai said...
Congratulations with your 2 years blogversary. I love give aways
July 10, 2009 10:33 PM

Congratulation Mai. You won two guest towels with applique, a Tilda stitchery and a triangular jewelry pouch.

And the Grand Prize goes to:

barb's creations said...
Hi I'm from Sunny Australia (although it's winter time here at the moment brrrr ) and I also vist May's and came thru another friend Ondrea who told me about your suprise giveaway.I love suprises so please enter me in your giveaway.I'm also having a christmas in July giveaway on my blog so pop over and enter mine if you're interested :) Barb.
July 10, 2009 1:54 PM

Congratulation Barb! You won two placemats with applique, a Tilda stitchery, a triangular jewelry pouch with something inside and an extra surprise gift :-)

Please e-mail me to clame your prizes. You need to give me your snail mail addresses too.

Hugs from Nancy


Kerry at My favorite Things is having a giveaway. Pop over to her place to leave a coment.

Gail too is having a giveaweay. Rosalie is giving away some of her fabulous fabrics.

Give Away

Ok! Time is out. Drawing for 3 winners and gifts will be tomorrows post.

Enjoy your evening/morning. We are SMILE.
Hugs from Nancy

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer guest

Tuesday a very special summer guest arrived.  I’ve been so much looking forward to this visiter.  Guess who?  Anybody who know this lady?

May Britt får massasje

She have been working hard lately so her back and shoulders neede some massage.  DH have a massage seat and this is how it looks when my guest tried it out.  He he he.

We are having a ball, stitching, chatting, enjoying good food and wine. 

She have tought me how to do excelent needle turn applique.  I have started on A Tisket A Tasket BOM from Bunny Tale blog.

Bunny Tale BOM 

Take care.

Hugs from Nancy

Norwegian Grand Prix – Class 1 boat race

Summer time is nice.  Lots and lots of arrangements to attend.  Last week end was Norwegian Grand Prix in Arendal.   Saturday was a wet experiance.  It was really heavy rain the hole day end evening.  The Pole position race had to be canseled.  Sunday was a lot better.  Four helicopters was filming the 16 laps.

Helikopter som fotograferer

This is not the winner but one of the Australian boats.

Australia vant

Hugs from Nancy

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I just say WOW!! I'm so happy that so many have visited, left comments and want to be in the drawing for giveaway. Three of you will be lucky winners!!

I will not respond on entery in prewious post or confirm that you are in the drawing. If you see the message you left listed, you are in :-)

Some of you are having giveaway too. How fun!!
Pop over to Barbs creations, another Barb at Bejeweled Quilts and Khris to enter.

Today the wether have not been the best. Shattered showers but now in the evening the sun is shining through. Hopefully tomorrow will be fit for a new day of recyceling jeans work.

I'll tell your a little secret!! Today is my 51 birthday :-) :-) Nothing to make a fuss about. I have enjoyd the day by relaxing and creating artwork for a new tablecloth.

Life is god!

Hugs from Nancy

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blogaversary and Giveaway

Yes, to day is the day. May Britt got med started two years ago. I am having a wonderfull time writing and showing photos from my spot on earth. It's hard to belive that my blog to this day have had more than 55000 visits. Most of all I'm having a tonn of fun visiting bloggers all over the world. I have made some wonderfull new friends, been part of swaps, won giveaways and received gifts and greatings that I never could dream about.

I love giveaways! More than receiving I love to give away. All you have to do for this giveaway is to leave a message to this post before July 25th, midnight my time. It would be fun if you stated your town and country in the post.

So, what can you win? I'm not sure yet :-) I promise it will be nice prizes. One main prize and two extras. Winners will be announced July 26th.

Please tell your friends to visit.

Take care and have a nice day.

Hugs from Nancy

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Recyceling old jeans

Some of my sewingrelated work need to be done outdoor. Recyceling old jeans is a messy and dusty work. Lucky I have the perfect spot in the shadow for this. I even bring my sewingmachine outside when I need to.

About a week ago we did a big "spring cleaning" of the attic. You would not belive what we have managed to put into the attic over the years. Mostly junk that should have gone to the dumpster right away. Well I found some stuff that I could not throw away. Toys from our kids, blankets, rugs and 5 bags of old jeans. Yes, 5 big bags! As I looked inside I found DS2 old Turtle jeans from he was about 6 years old. Now he is 22. Anyway, I could not get myself to throw all those jeans away. This is jeans from the first bag.

Last year I made pillows and cover for outdoor use. It turned out nice, so I have desided to make cover for my sunbed, some tablecloths and more pillows. I cut squares in different sizes from the best parts of the legs, normaly the back side.
My mom have made rugs using old jeans. I want to try it too. I use the June Tailor Shape Cutter ruler to make 1 inch wide strips. It worked really fast and well. Later I'll sew strips together.
My plan was to bring the sewingmachine outdoor today, but I don't think it is such a good idea.
The rain is pooring down and I hear thunder rolling close by. I have other projects for indoor. I'll tell you more about that another time.
By the way, my 2 year blogaversary is comming up. I'll post a give away.
Hugs from Nancy