Monday, March 30, 2009

I won I won!!

Am I lucky or not! I won one of three Chelsea Manor fq bundles from Bunny Hill. I can not belive it. I am so happy. This is a wonderfull Monday!

Hugs from Nancy

Saturday, March 28, 2009

BOM and Kitty again

Yes!! I've finnished Lynette Andersons Noah's Ark BOM. One of my WISP's that I wanted to finnish for the challange May Britt and Kris is putting up.

Remeber I told you about making a quilt for Gizmo (our house cat). Well, I could not do less for this cute kitty visiting us. So, yesterday I finnished this quilt for her.

Yes, Kitty allready got the point. This is a quilt to be used. Puuurrrrrrfect to nap on!!

Have a nice day you too :-)

Hugs from Nancy

Thursday, March 26, 2009



Say hallo to Kitty who is staying with us untill Monday.

First task was to investigate the hole house. I thought she was to small to climb the stairs to 2nd floor. Boy was I wrong. She even jumped up on top of the fireplace.

Even if she is running around playing like kittens do, she is also a cuddly kitten. She is just facinated of the things moving around on my pc screen.
Small kitties also have to rest. She loves laying next to me in the sofa or in my lap. She is so cute. Her silvery grey color is from half of her fur haveing black tips. Her tail is striped just like a Raccoon. Her paws are black underneight not pink like Gizmo's.

Gizmo, well he is to lazy to even bother. They met, sniffed a bit and he just sat down and looked at that little thing. Then he just jumped into the sofa and layed down on his special made quilt. When Kitty wantet to investigate he just gave a rumbeling warning to say: Don't bother me!
Take care.
Hugs from Nancy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I love lotteries and at our annual meeting there is allways great prizes at the lotteries. This is what I won on Saturday! A lovely kit for a Easter tablerunner. I'll start on this one tomorrow.

Block lottery is another lottery I try to paticipate in every year. This year it was a scrappy block. Guess what, I won! Also this lottery was drawn on Saturday.

I did not win on Sunday allthoe I had my heart set on one of the main prizes a blue and white quilt. Did I remember to take a photo? No :-(

Today I have spent the entire day with a visiter around my feet. Did not get time to do much, but finished tieing both ends of rugs made in January. I'll tell you all about my visiter tomorrow.

Take care.

Hugs from Nancy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Weekend !

I had a great time at the Norwegian Quilters Association annual meeting. This is from my class on Sunday. Unfortunatly I forgot to take photos from my class on Saturday. I guess I was nervious :-)

The Quilt Show had a lot of beautifull quilts. Would you like to have a look at the winners in the competetions?

I did have som time for shopping too.

Some new type of wadding for stitchery, Fast2Fuse, Valedona for testing (? not sure of the name), printer paper with quilted borders, new rotary cutter, buttons, Clover biasmaker and wire heart for quilt hanging.

I also found some books and patterns that just had to come with me back to my sewingroom :-)

And ofcause some fabrics. I don't have a plan for this investments, but nice for my stach.

I have more to show you :-) In my next post. I need to have a break now.
Hugs from Nancy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Norwegian Quilters Association Annual meeting

This weekend Norwegian Quilters Association is having their annual meeting at Olavsgaard Hotel, Lillestrøm. I am looking so much forward to it. Classes, shops, lectures, exhibitions, presenting winners from competitions, good foods, meeting friends and a lot of shopping. My suitecase is packed with as little as possible. Do you like my new suitecase tag? My own design :-)

I will probably not be able to blog during the weekend, but I will try to give a long report on Monday.
Have a nice weekend
Hugs from Nancy

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Table cloth

I am very happy to show you my new table cloth. My first finished project in March. The quilting caused me a lot of trouble. I desided to do free motion flower petals in the flower. The thread I picked was a shiny varigated blue thread and it looked lovely. But boy did I have a hard time quilting with it. The thread was breaking all the time. I became so frusterated. After finishing the flowers middle, I got fed up and changed to another blue plain thread.

This is a detail of the flowers and quilting.

My plan for work in progress i not always the best. I tend to jump from project to project. Even starting new once inbetween. From one of my UFO boxes I have picked out a ten year old project. Jepp, I have been working on it on end off for ten years, I'm sure. It's a Hexagon scrap quilt.
Have a great day
Hugs from Nancy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I'm working on ...

The clock is ticing faster and faster. At least is feels like it. Allready two weeks since my last blog. MIL is not doing any better and we travle back and forth to be with her. She is still in the hospital on 6th week. I find it hard to consentrate on sewing and blogging.

However, I have made some progress in the line of sewing. I have finished stitchery and put together Noah's Ark BOM from Lynette Anderssons blog. I feel like the work looks a bit unfinished and have desided to put on two set of borders before quilting and binding. One inner border in beige (I think) and an outer border in red (or perhaps blue?) Oh, many choices to be made. I'll post a new photo when I have added borders.

I've started a new project. This is some flower blocks from a book by Buggy Barn. They have a special way to stack, cut and sew their blocks. It is fun to make this blocks. I have made 12 in white and blue for a tablecloth to match my new rug in my kitchen.
Have a look at my new play mate in my sewing room. I love this Pfaff. It have all Pfaff's specialitys as well as the special lift sensores my Husqvarna Designer 1 have. My new sweetheart!!

Tomorrow is a new day. Thank God it's Friday!!
Take care.
Hugs from Nancy