Friday, February 27, 2009

New project

This is a Stitchery keeper made from AnnaKa's latest pattern. I had just the right fabrics and accesories for this project in my stach!!

The lovely vintage photo is one of Hanne's advent callender gifts. The fabrics is a selection of Japaneese fabrics I have collected for a special project like this.

This is the inside. The cutting pendant is a advent callender gift from my mom.

I love the result and this Stitchery Keeper is just what I need for my stitchery projects when traveling.

Happy times and sad times

A month ago I received this present from Lynda at Bozzy's blog. Thank you Lynda! Sorry I have not hat time to blog earlier.

As you probably know, MIL is ill. Her situation is stabile, but bad. We are sadly facing the fact that she probably will be leaving us soon.

I have added this quilt to my finished project list in february. It is compleet with binding. The photo is not the best, but the camera and the photographer is not in tune.....

Hugs from Nancy

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's going on

I have been quiet for several weeks now. Have your noticed? Well, I did not do it intentionaly. Sometimes life just get in the way. First of all I went to my mom's for 10 days to make some more rugs. This time for myself. I find it very satisfactionary to do this kind of craft. I have used old sheets and bedlinnen for the rugs.

DH came lasst week end to pick me up. On saturday he got a call from his sister about their 91 year old mom. She had a massive stroke. DH left to be with her on monday after. This is 2 - 3 weeks ago and she is still in the hospital. She is not doing well. This is stressfull times so I did not feel up to new creative steps. Instead I picked out some WISPS from my knitting baskets.

This is what I have found. One pair of fingerless mittens made in natural homespun wool yarn. The only thing missing was the croched egde on both. Now they are ready to use.

Some time ago I fell in love with a scarf on Sigrun's blog. Sigrun gave me the instructions and I made this soft and warm Baktus scarf. I had about 10 cm left to do.

I knitted socks for myself last year. I had some yarn left and made matching fingerless mittens and a simular scarf as the Baktus scarf.

Another friend gave me a pattern for thise cuties. Fun to make and fun to wear. Do you wonder what it is?


To morrow it's my turn to go up north to be with DIL. I'll be away for 5 days. I'll bring a lot of stitchery and some knitting.

Hugs from Nancy

Happy Valintines Day

DH brought me lovely red roses today. He is cooking dinner for me too. Nice guy, is'n he?

Hugs from Nancy