Friday, November 25, 2011


I had so much fun this week! Receiving four Advent gifts from a friend is such a treat. We have exchanged Advent gifts for several years. I is kind of Christmas morning every Sunday.

4 pakker til hver søndag i advent 

When my boys were kids (up to 16 y/o) I made Advent calendars and 24 packets for each of them. Every day in December was fun.

Well, it is allowed to have fun even if you are “grown up”. Me and my mom have treated each other to Advent calendars for more than ten years. It all started when my mom was going through some hard time and needed some fun in her life. I made a Mystery Quilt of 24 parts that turned out to be Advent calendar. Next year I sent her 24 packets with sewing notion. My mom is a quilter too. I have enjoyed very much preparing this year Advent calendar for my mom.

24 adventspakker

You are never too old to have fun (my mom is past 70 hihi).

Hugs from Nancy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

X-mas spirit

I did it again! Two new designs from my little studio.

1104 1105

Looking forward to finish some X-mas presents. For obvious reasons there will be no photos ;-)

Hugs from Nancy

Sunday, November 6, 2011


October came, and went! November is on and that means Christmas planning. In fact I have already bought several x-mas presents.

I must admit I have a concentration problem! My sewing room projects are absolutely in slow progress. It works like this: By the time I have pieced a top for a quilt, table runner etc. than my head is full of new “great” ideas and I’ll rather start a new project than finish the top. The problem is that when I can see how the project will turn out I kind of loose the spirit. Anybody who have a similar sewing room problem? If you have a tip or cure, please contact me.

Still I am very proud of having a finish! This was a kit for a baking cover (for covering bread etc. when rising). The kit was a birthday present from my friend May-Britt. I was joking about not buying kits because I never got to finish them. But look, May-Britt, I did finish!


I have picked out a new kit from my box. This will be my next kit project.

New kit

Best wishes for a new week.

Hugs from Nancy