Saturday, January 5, 2008

WISP progress

The binding is compledet on my Christmas table cloth. It sure looks nicer with the binding on!

I have so many unfinished projects....... This is one part of a project in our local quiltgroup.

This is the 3 other parts. I have not put the stitcherydrawing on yet. Also have to wait for the batting to arrive. I got hold of the right brand at a quiltstore in Ålesund.

This is one of the projeckt I hope to finish i January.

Love from Nancy


May Britt said...

I've registered your new finished project. The stitchery you're working on now is soooooo cute. Have I read somewhere that it's for sale for others outside your quiltgroup??

dutchcomfort said...

On Wisp down, .... to go! Good Luck. I’m finishing my first WISP tonight!

Elaine Adair said...

What a clever, clever border for that Log Cabin!!! I'm congratulating you on the border, but hey, that quilt is mighty fine also! Thanks for a great border idea.

Mary Johnson said...

The log cabin table quilt is lovely.

Elisabeth said...

The christmas table cloth is very nice!! Congratulation!!